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June 24th, 2011

Showcase of customers who own an MK Photography Light Box

Increase your sales by shooting your own high quality photos yourself, it’s fast and easy to do!


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Our customers often want to know which companies or individuals own and use our photography lighting systems to take high-quality professional photos of their products, and now they can!

The gallery shown above showcases many MK Digital Direct customers who own one (or more) of our photography light boxes. Browse through them and visit their websites to see the real-life results that thousands of customers (not all shown here) have achieved while using our products. You too, can soon do the same!

NOTE: We continually update this page with more customers. Click on the tags below to search companies by the product they own, their location, or other criteria.

MK News

MK Digital has an A+ from Better Business Bureau!

June 20th, 2011
A+ rating from BBB for MK Digital Direct
A+ Rating from BBB for MK Digital Direct

Did you know that MK Digital Direct has a A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau?

Our company has earned this great grade for having no complains from any customers in the last 3 years, which reflects our company’s dedication to making sure that all of our customers are happy with our products, our service, and most of that they are able to achieve what we promise them: Either high quality professional product photos (if they own our photography lighting systems) or a great sparkle in their jewelry to help them boost their sales (if they own our LED lighting products).

Although our business is not yet accredited by the BBB, our company does meet most of BBB’s accreditation standards of trust, honesty, truth, transparency, responsiveness, and willingness to help customers in all ways possible to make sure that everyone enjoys doing business with us.

Checkout MK Digital’s BBB listing here

MK News

Plants from New York Botanical Garden shot with MK light Box

June 16th, 2011
Plant "Eysenhardtia officinalis" from the New York Botanical Garden shot with the Photo-eBox PLUS 1419

Plant "Eysenhardtia officinalis" from the New York Botanical Garden shot with the Photo-eBox PLUS 1419

Did you know that the MK photography lighting systems are not only used for shooting jewelry photographs?

In fact many of our customers use them to shoot other products such as vitamins, toys, cosmetics, eye-wear, hand bags, electrical components, food, belts, shoes, and even plants!

One of our newest customers, Michael Bevans from the New York Botanical Garden is currently using a Photo-eBox PLUS 1419 (our largest product photography system) to shoot the many hundreds of specimens of plants that the NY Botanical Garden has and will create a digital archive of them. Check out Michael’s blog where he posts everything he does, take a look at it here: Photo of the “Eysenhardtia officinalis” shot with a Canon Eos 1ds Mark III with a 50mm Macro lens

MK News

Shoot artistic photos with background textures

May 31st, 2011

There may come a time where you may want to shoot artistic product photographs of your jewelry items or other products without having the typical clean white background. Instead you may want to have a unique and stylish look in your photos by using a  texture or background material.

We have shot lots of product photographs with multiple types of real and artificial backgrounds to add flavor to our photos. Take a look at some of our examples of how we have used backgrounds when shooting  jewelry – View sample photos in our gallery. In these sample photos we have used items such as leaves, stones, granite, metallic backgrounds, reflective acrylics, special textiles and many other types of backgrounds.

Shoot your own creative photographs

You may also easily achieve and shoot your own unique product photographs by simply being creative. You can pretty much use any type of background or texture that you can fit inside your photography lighting system . All you have to do is to simply put the background on your system’s platform, and then put your products inside. We recommend that you always use a physical background or texture in your photos, instead of adding a digital background on the computer during the editing process (in a program like Photoshop).

To help you start, take a look at this gallery of high-resolution backgrounds and textures which you can print yourself in high-quality photography paper and use as a physical background for your photos (matte or glossy, although matte will look more real). Use the standard 8.5 x 11 sheets of photo paper, or get one of these images printed on a larger scale (please make sure to read the website’s copyright notices. MK is not responsible for any copyright infringements)

View Textures and Backgrounds Gallery – Browse through over 750 graphics.

Here’s a preview of a few of them:

View them all here: 

Photography Tips & Tutorials

How to connect the Canon SX30 to its power supply

April 14th, 2011


Today we’d like to show you how to connect the new Canon SX30 (April 2011 model) to it’s Power Supply (AC Adapter Kit ACK-DC50). It’s not too complicated to do, but we’d like to give our customers a step-by-step solution for it.

The following photograph shows the Canon SX30 with the custom-made lens adapter (Made by MK Digital) along with the accessories which come with the AC Adapter Kit (The AC adapter, the cable for the wall and the battery adapter).

Canon SX30 + AC Adapter Kit (ACK DC50)

Canon SX30 + AC Adapter Kit (ACK DC50)

Step 1: Remove the standard battery from the battery compartment of your Canon SX30 camera (Open the door on the bottom of your camera) Read more…

Photography Tips & Tutorials

New MK Artistic Kit: Jewelry Photography Accessories

April 4th, 2011

New Product!

MK Digital would like to introduce our newest accessory kit for photographing jewelery:

MK Artistic Kit for Jewelry Photography

View detailed product informationThis new accessory kit contains a variety of items for producing unique, full-of-color, artistic photographs of your jewelry products and other items.

MK Artistic Kit

Product Description

Accessories included:
  • 3 Pieces of sued fabric (Colors may vary,30×30″)
    Current colors: Red, Light green, and blue.
  • 3 Pieces of styrofoam (Shapes may vary)
    Learn how to photograph a ring using these items
  • 1 Box of pins (for use with styrofoam)
  • 1 Black reflective acrylic (9.5×11″). How to use
  • 1 White reflective acrylic (9.5×11″). How to use
  • 1 Metallic background (9.5×11″). How to use
  • 1 Black velvet firm board (small). How to use
  • 1 Reel of Fishing Nylon
  • 5 Plastic backgrounds (Blue, navy blue, light gray, dark gray, dark red. May vary)
  • 1 Infinity curve (white translucent plastic)
  • 1 Black fabric (30×30″)
  • 1 Glue gun
  • 1 Bag of glue sticks
  • 1 Box of holding wax. How to use
  • 1 Link Cleaner Roll (not shown in picture)

New Products

New 360 Degree Remote Controlled Rotating Platform

April 3rd, 2011

New Product!

MK Digital would like to introduce our newest product photography accessory:

360 Degree Remote Controlled Rotating Platform

View detailed product informationUse this product to provide a full 360-degree view of your products. May be used for producing short video clips of your products, or interactive user-controlled 360 degree product views (Additional software required).

  • Rotates full 360 degrees in both directions
  • Platform available in diameter of 20 or 25 cm.
  • 36 Markers (small dents), one every 10 degrees. See more photos here.
  • Remote control switch (32″ long cable) allows you to manually rotate the platform clock-wise or counter-clockwise.
  • 2 rotating speeds (by switching a gear’s side)
  • Battery operated (included).
  • Dimensions: 20 x 20 x 5.5 cm (8x8x2.25″) or 25 x 25 x 5.5 cm (10x10x2.25″)
Rotating Platform (25mm diameter model)

New Products

Where are MK Products used?

March 29th, 2011

MK Digital Direct orders from around the world. We sell and ship our products worldwide since 1998.

See map below showing where we’ve shipped our products:
MK Orders around the world

MK News

Forensics Show, Check out and test our products live!

February 17th, 2011

Want to learn about our Forensic Photography Lighting Systems?

Check out our company booth and products at the the American Academy of Forensic Sciences – AAFS Annual Meeting in Chicago, IL at the Hyatt Regency Chicago (151 E Wacker Dr. Chicago, IL, 60601) from February 21-26, 2011.

Event’s Description
The Academy’s annual scientific meeting is held in February at which time over 500 scientific papers, break fast seminars, workshops, and other special events are presented. The AAFS consists of ten sections representing a wide range of forensic specialties, and the annual scientific meeting gathers these professionals who present the most current information, research, and updates in this expanding field

Visit us through our distributor WB Hunt Photo & Video at booth #325

Learn more:


  • Michael Deutsch (MK Digital): 7oaksmd[at]sbcglobal[dot]net
  • Stanly Goldberg (WB Hunt): sgoldberg[at]wbhunt[dot]com

MK News

The Sparkle That Sells

December 18th, 2010

The Sparkle That Sells

It’s a jewelry salesperson’s dream—seeing that twinkle in a customer’s eye as she turns a diamond ring from side to side in the light of your store, fascinated by the way the stone sparkles and seems to give off a light of its own.

It’s no secret that in the jewelry business, sparkle sells. Think that there’s nothing you can do to help Mother Nature’s creations look their best? The good news is there is—install LED lighting solutions in your display cases, on countertops and in overhead lights.

How Does LED Lighting Make Jewelry Look Better?

Since jewelry only reflects light, rather than producing it, it’s key to have the best-quality lights shining on your merchandise. Our high-quality LED lighting is unparalleled in its similarity to natural sunlight. The intensity, sparkle and brilliance it produces in diamonds is simply revolutionary—and is the best way to display diamonds and other precious stones to the best effect.

What is optimal LED Lighting?

To produce the most brilliance from your stones, use 12 individual sources of hard lighting per foot. Call us today [link to Contact Us] to discuss your particular set-up; our LED lighting solutions [link to LED products page] each contain different amounts of LEDs at different intensities, and we can help select the right product for you.

With these insights into LED lighting benefits and spacing, you can create an in-store environment where your jewelry can truly shine—and sell!

LED Lighting