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Fool’s Gold: Don’t Settle for Less Than Daylight-Quality LED Lighting

August 2nd, 2010

When people think of LED lighting, they may think of things like LED flashlights or headlights that have a harsh blue glow. It just goes to show that there’s a vast difference between low-end LED lighting and the LED Natural Daylight Lighting solutions we manufacture for use in jewelry, retail, museum and gallery displays.

One of the difference is in the color and quality of the light, which can be measured by degrees on the Kelvin scale, light output measured in Lumens, life duration for example. Most inexpensive LED lights are manufactured to output different color temperatures without general Binning (special narrow selection) from around 3200° (resulting in a yellowish tint) or closer to 8500° (resulting in that too-cool blue color you might be familiar with.) this results in an uneven color and light quality output In comparison with, MK Digital Direct’s LED Natural Daylight Lighting that offers true, white, daylight-quality light—recreating the same effect in your display as bright, natural sunlight.

Yellowish or bluish LED lights are cheaper to manufacture—and unfortunately, it shows in the light quality. We’re one of the few companies to manufacture LED lighting to our exacting specifications of 5500° on the Kelvin scale, giving you true, full-spectrum, daylight-quality light. It costs a bit more to reach this standard, but the sparkling results in the jewelry cases and gallery displays of our customers show that the difference matters.

If true colors and sparkling clarity are important considerations for your displays, make sure you’re getting LED illumination that will bring out the natural beauty of your merchandise. And with the energy savings of LED illumination thanks to lower electricity consumption and virtually no heat output, LED Natural Daylight Lighting solutions are an all-around brilliant choice. More LED Benefits

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