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Shoot artistic photos with background textures

There may come a time where you may want to shoot artistic product photographs of your jewelry items or other products without having the typical clean white background. Instead you may want to have a unique and stylish look in your photos by using a  texture or background material.

We have shot lots of product photographs with multiple types of real and artificial backgrounds to add flavor to our photos. Take a look at some of our examples of how we have used backgrounds when shooting  jewelry – View sample photos in our gallery. In these sample photos we have used items such as leaves, stones, granite, metallic backgrounds, reflective acrylics, special textiles and many other types of backgrounds.

Shoot your own creative photographs

You may also easily achieve and shoot your own unique product photographs by simply being creative. You can pretty much use any type of background or texture that you can fit inside your photography lighting system . All you have to do is to simply put the background on your system’s platform, and then put your products inside. We recommend that you always use a physical background or texture in your photos, instead of adding a digital background on the computer during the editing process (in a program like Photoshop).

To help you start, take a look at this gallery of high-resolution backgrounds and textures which you can print yourself in high-quality photography paper and use as a physical background for your photos (matte or glossy, although matte will look more real). Use the standard 8.5 x 11 sheets of photo paper, or get one of these images printed on a larger scale (please make sure to read the website’s copyright notices. MK is not responsible for any copyright infringements)

View Textures and Backgrounds Gallery – Browse through over 750 graphics.

Here’s a preview of a few of them:

View them all here: www.lostandtaken.com/gallery 

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