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Customers of MK Digital Photography Lighting Systems

June 24th, 2011

Showcase of customers who own an MK Photography Light Box

Increase your sales by shooting your own high quality photos yourself, it’s fast and easy to do!


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Our customers often want to know which companies or individuals own and use our photography lighting systems to take high-quality professional photos of their products, and now they can!

The gallery shown above showcases many MK Digital Direct customers who own one (or more) of our photography light boxes. Browse through them and visit their websites to see the real-life results that thousands of customers (not all shown here) have achieved while using our products. You too, can soon do the same!

NOTE: We continually update this page with more customers. Click on the tags below to search companies by the product they own, their location, or other criteria.

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MK Digital has an A+ from Better Business Bureau!

June 20th, 2011
A+ rating from BBB for MK Digital Direct
A+ Rating from BBB for MK Digital Direct

Did you know that MK Digital Direct has a A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau?

Our company has earned this great grade for having no complains from any customers in the last 3 years, which reflects our company’s dedication to making sure that all of our customers are happy with our products, our service, and most of that they are able to achieve what we promise them: Either high quality professional product photos (if they own our photography lighting systems) or a great sparkle in their jewelry to help them boost their sales (if they own our LED lighting products).

Although our business is not yet accredited by the BBB, our company does meet most of BBB’s accreditation standards of trust, honesty, truth, transparency, responsiveness, and willingness to help customers in all ways possible to make sure that everyone enjoys doing business with us.

Checkout MK Digital’s BBB listing here

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Plants from New York Botanical Garden shot with MK light Box

June 16th, 2011
Plant "Eysenhardtia officinalis" from the New York Botanical Garden shot with the Photo-eBox PLUS 1419

Plant "Eysenhardtia officinalis" from the New York Botanical Garden shot with the Photo-eBox PLUS 1419

Did you know that the MK photography lighting systems are not only used for shooting jewelry photographs?

In fact many of our customers use them to shoot other products such as vitamins, toys, cosmetics, eye-wear, hand bags, electrical components, food, belts, shoes, and even plants!

One of our newest customers, Michael Bevans from the New York Botanical Garden is currently using a Photo-eBox PLUS 1419 (our largest product photography system) to shoot the many hundreds of specimens of plants that the NY Botanical Garden has and will create a digital archive of them. Check out Michael’s blog where he posts everything he does, take a look at it here: Photo of the “Eysenhardtia officinalis” shot with a Canon Eos 1ds Mark III with a 50mm Macro lens

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